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About Nellie

The Adventures of Nellie is a theatrical presentation of two performance pieces – Making Friends and Flying Home – combining original narrative, storytelling, music and song to illustrate the life stories of Nellie, the Little Irish Harp, and Her Lady, the originator, writer, musician and solo performer, Kitty Sullivan.

“It all starts with the children,” says Kitty. “And all the stories are real. They really happened!” says Nellie.

A charming mix of whimsy and reality, Nellie's stories and songs have univer- sal appeal to children ages 4-10. Nellie and her Lady and Gentleman and spe- cial bird-friend, Seamus, take the children on adventures all over the world. They travel through time and space. They celebrate the wonder of Family and shared experience through Nellie’s ‘magical windows’ of words and music.

Nellie's many friends and family members (human, harp and Seamus) also feature in a series of additional adventure stories including My Family Grows, A Family Crisis, The Magic Room, Italy: New Places, Crossing the Atlantic, My Asia Story and The Silence of Nellie.

The stories are about 20 minutes in performance. The show is performed with an interactive 10 minute intermission when children are invited to share their lives with Nellie and Kitty. Total running time, 50 minutes.

Props and setting are minimal: light and mike.

Photography and videography are permitted in the intermission. CDs of the performance are available for purchase.

Nellie can be given as a one-off event or as a series of performances. A serial engagement allows greater opportunity for presenting a selection of additional stories and building word-of-mouth.

Nellie is a quality, cost-effective production designed to be responsive to available resources, and Kitty Sullivan will negotiate individual and mutually supportive pricing models with venue management. She is also open to forming strategic partnerships with community and local arts centers to develop joint marketing and promotional initiatives.